Our Vision

To be the indispensable provider of tech solutions to business people, educators, students and creatives in Zimbabwe, enabling them to capture, consume, effectively use and grow with their technology.

What We Do

Since 1997 Solution Centre has delivered the most reliable and professional service to Zimbabwe’s Apple community, helping our customers master their tech to realise their full potential as creators, students, business people and influencers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use technology as an asset, helping you to reach your goals in an efficient and effective way. Our service will always be prompt and polite.

Why Our Customers Trust Us


Solution Centre has stood the test of time through one of the most
challenging environments in Zimbabwe’s modern history. Our repeat customers and the
length of our relationships are one of our proudest achievements.


 Over twenty years in the business means we have seen a lot and have
dealt with almost every situation imaginable. Despite this, we do not rest on our laurels
and keep fresh blood coming through our business who are all trained to our vendors
international standards.


Whilst Apple forms the backbone of our offering, we support a very
wide range of the best in class brands to ensure our customers get the best out of their
tech investments. We have created specialised divisions within our organisation to make
sure that each industry is addressed by a motivated expert from our team. Below are a few
of the brands entrusted to us as their Zimbabwean Partner:
Apple, Adobe, Archicad, HPE Aruba Networks, Bose, Black Magic Design, Jamf, Microsoft
Education, Goal Zero, Wacom, LiveU

We Don’t Speak Geek

It is important that we are able to explain technology in terms and
language that our customers can understand as doing so shows that we fully understand
what we are doing and saying.

Service Trumps Bottom Line

Our reputation and the satisfaction of our customers is of
utmost importance to us and bears greater significance as a performance metric for us as
a business than our numbers. Whilst we are a business that needs a profit to survive and
grow, our outlook is long term. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is what has kept us a
float for the last twenty-two years and it will continue to do so into the future.