Aruba Networks

Aruba Networks is arguably the fastest, most secure and most easily, conveniently managed networking solution in the world today. With a client list boasting the likes of Microsoft, Google, American Express and Cambridge University, Aruba Networks has been taking the networking world by storm by constantly striding ahead of its competition when it comes to WiFi technologies.

Aruba’s presence in Africa has been small up to now but could only stay away for so long. Aruba has made giant leaps within the South African market and now they have arrived with us here in Zimbabwe. Operating from Solution Centre in Highlands, Harare (a certified Aruba partner) local support is available from Aruba Certified Technicians. Solution Centre is offering free on-site consultations with IT support staff and management to showcase the product in further detail and explain its benefits which differentiate it from other networking solutions.

Wired networks are slowly becoming redundant as more and more companies require WiFi technologies to handle the increasing number of portable devices in their WiFi network. This said, there is still a need to remain as secure as you would be when working on the wire. Aruba networks gives you this. It is the only WiFi solution that offers firewall technology on the very edge of its network. Each access point is equipped with its own firewall to ensure that no-one can see any part of your network.

For those with multiple locations, Aruba Networks is perfect. Remote Access Points can be placed at secondary locations creating a secure tunnel to the main corporate network. And every location can run on a single SSID meaning executives can roam between various branches without the need for signing on to the network twice.

Aruba Networks also has the ability to detect rogue access points on a network. For example, if someone were to install an autonomous router on the network with no security, everyone could have access to your corporate network. Aruba Networks can not only find these rogue access points but shut them down, triangulate their position and alert the IT administrator.

Aruba Networks also features what is known as Context-Based Networking. It can assign certain permissions to users based on who they are, what device they are using, what application they are using, what the time of day is and their location. This way, speed and preference on the network can be assigned individually to specific users.
Other features include the ability to automatically push clients to their fastest possible band speed, balance the number of clients per access point, ensure the same access to bandwidth for all connected devices and automatically adjust the range from the access points to fill any ‘coverage holes’ there may be on the network.

There are also various software options available from Aruba Networks to make things far easier for administration of the WiFi network. Aruba Airwave is software that enables you to monitor every component on the network from the client to the airspace, to the switches and access points. This makes troubleshooting your network far easier than ever before.

As well as this, Aruba Networks offers the ‘ClearPass’ Access Management System which lets you create and enforce policies that extend across the network to devices and applications. This gives you total control over mobility services and a simpler way to rollout BYOD.

Aruba Networks has so much to offer to those needing better management of their corporate WiFi or to iron out any recurring problems you may be having. To arrange an on-site visit from Solution Centre to go into further detail about Aruba Networks please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Purpose-built for 802.11ac wireless LANs.
802.11ac wireless LANs (WLANs) operate at gigabit speeds and connect more devices and apps. But that’s not enough. Aruba 802.11ac APs are designed from the ground-up with unique hardware and software that improves the mobility experience of users – even if they use 802.11n devices

Aruba APs support a choice of operating modes to meet your unique requirements. Controller-managed APs rely on centralized network services while controllerless Aruba Instant distributes these services across multiple APs.


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